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Lake Fyans Holiday Park FAQ's
Lake Fyans Holiday Park FAQ’s

We have compiled a list of common Lake Fyans Holiday Park FAQ’s to assist you in enjoying your stay with us.

What time is CHECK In?

  • The Check In time for all accommodation (sites and cabins) is 2pm!
  • You may ask why a 2pm check in for sites, there’s no cleaning involved, it’s just a site? Well that’s not strictly right, we are passionate about presenting the park to you at it’s best, that means we clean up after the last guest, “yes even on sites”,  to remove whatever has been left behind. The lawn needs mowing, fire drums emptied, grass curbs edged and communal lawn areas mowed, streets cleaned and vacuumed. And if it’s a weekend we might also have to clean a cabin or two and then the amenities blocks between the short period of time that a guest leaves and when the next arrives. If we are trying to check in guests at the same time as we juggle this then it impacts on others and can be quiet stressful on staff who then can’t provide you with the best customer experience.

What’s the CHECK OUT process?

  • Check Out is at 10am, this applies to all accommodation types, camping, powered sites and cabins. Want to get away outside of reception hours, please ask about our after hours check out process.
  • If you are staying in one of our cabins? We appreciate it if you could dispose of your rubbish, give the floor a quick sweep and make sure all dishes are clean and packed away.
  • Please double check cupboards, refrigerators and drawers for your belongings before departure.
    We reserve the right to charge a fee according to our terms and conditions if your accommodation is left in a state of disarray.

Do you have WI-FI in the park?

  • As we are in a rural setting and getting in touch with nature is a key part of the Grampians we struggle to get ‘city’ internet.
  • With so much to see and do both within the park and the Grampians we hope you take time out to relax and unwind, however if you do need to keep in touch with family and friends we use a third party provided company (Net4) that allows access to Wi-Fi throughout the outside areas of our powered section of the park.
  • We are now able to provide 500mb of usage per day per guest.
  • The access code is NET4WIFI, technical difficulties will need to be directed directly to Net4 their details are provided on the info.
  • If you need an alternative, then please see reception for assistance.

What’s the phone reception like?

  • We have very good Telstra phone coverage, blue tick or top pick phones are the best (these one’s have either external or built in antennas that are better for bush use). Note that as in all tourist destinations that during peak periods phone reception can be affected by the number of users and weather conditions.
  • Other carrier coverage can be patchy, however we have been informed that Optus is building a tower nearby which should help with added coverage.
  • There is a free public pay phone in the park and we’re always happy for you to use the phone in reception for the quick call to mum/dad (or the kids) to tell them you’ve arrived.

Can I drink the water in the park?

  • The park is supplied with non treated town water, this means that it is not considered as potable water and as such should not be used for drinking.
  • All cabins are supplied with a 1.5l bottle of water.
  • There is bottled water available for purchase or see reception for an alternative water supply.
  • Our bistro has a UV filter and all water in this area is suitable for food preparation and drinking.

We have more than one vehicle?

  • Each vehicle has its own unique boom gate code. Please do not pass this code on.
  • We allow one car on a site and if you can fit an extra without encroaching on another site then that’s fine.
  • Carpark space for cabins is limited to 1 car, check with our staff at reception as to where to park the other car.
  • Boat Parking beside cabins is not possible, we have a designated boat parking area available, please see park map or ask at reception. NO parking of boats along the boat ramp.

What discounts cards are accepted?

  • We are member of the Top Parks Group of Parks which offer a discount card called G’DAY Rewards which gives you 10% discount up to $50 off stays at all Top Parks and Discovery Parks Australia Wide.
  • Seniors card holders receive a 10% discount off their stay.
  • Please note that discounts are only applicable for the registered holder/s of the card and are not transferrable for other bookings.
  • G’Day rewards cards can be purchased from the park for $50.00 for a two-year membership, this gives you access to over 270 holiday destinations.  https://www.gdayrewards.com.au/home

Do you have laundry facilities?

  • There are three laundry areas in our park (please refer to our park map). All laundry facilities located in the park have washers and dryers
    • The washing machines in the northern and middle blocks take 2 x $2 coins
    • The dryer takes 1x $1 coin and 1 x $2 coin in northern block and $1.00 coins in middle block (allow 3 coins for a load).
    • The laundry facilities located in the southern (camping) area of the park have washers and dryers.
    • These washing machines take 1 x $1 and 1 x $2 coin.
    • The dryer takes $1 coins (allow 3 coins for a load).
    • Change and detergent ($1 per single load) are available at reception.
  • There are 3 clotheslines located in the park as well, please refer to our park map.

What to do if I have a MEDICAL ISSUE at your park?

  • If it’s an emergency, phone 000.
  • Advise us at reception so we can ensure we have the gates open to reduce the time it takes for emergency services to get to you.
  • There are hospitals in both Stawell and Ararat.
  • There are two medical centres in Stawell, which are a 12 min drive away:
    • Patrick Street Medical Clinic
      8-22 Patrick Street, Stawell
      Ph: 5358 7555.
    • Stawell Medical Clinic
      26 Wimmera Street, Stawell
      Ph: 5358 1410.
  • Nurse on call can provide 24 hour medical advice, phone 1300 60 60 24

Can we hire a Firedrum?

  • Yes you can but only if you are staying on a powered site, to hire a fire drum you need to order from reception prior to arrival. There are a large number of fire drums permanently set up in the unpowered area, please do not remove these or relocate them.
  • We charge $20 to hire a drum regardless of the length of your stay (non refundable) and $15 for each bag of wood, we will deliver the drum to your site if you order before 4pm. You must purchase wood from us for use in our fire drums for this price. If you hire one of our drums and purchase 3 or more bags of wood in one transaction they are $12per bag. That’s a saving of $9. There is a minimum night hire over long weekends and holiday periods. If you hire our drums and bring your own wood it’s $20 per night to hire and must be hired for the length of your stay paid for in advance.

Can I bring my own fire drum?

  • NO, from the 19th October 2020 we no longer allow guests to bring there own fire drum as a large number of drums did not meet our requirements or people did not notify us they had a drum or the drum was left unattended, to reduce the issue we have therefore decided to not permit drums being brought into park.

Can I run a generator at Lake Fyans Holiday Park?

  • We don’t allow generators at Lake Fyans Holiday, we have yet to find a generator that emits no sound. If we allowed generators the noise would disturb the serenity and the natural ambience of our park. There are plenty of options available such as BBQ’s, Camp Kitchen, Camp Ovens etc for cooking and we allow camp fires in un-powered for those colder nights. There are also some amazing solar options available now and these are better for the environment.

Can I collect wood from around the park and the lake?

  • Please do not collect firewood from within the park, the lake is a water reserve and therefore does not allow firewood collection. If you wish to find out where wood can be collected with or without a permit then please contact the Northern Grampians Shire on 5358 8700. We have firewood for sale at reception/kiosk.

What are the water levels in the lake?

I have a MAINTENANCE issue during my stay, what should I do?

  • We really appreciate the opportunity to resolve issues as soon as possible, so that it doesn’t impact on your stay. Please notify reception at your earliest convenience, so we can address it. If after hours and the matter requires urgent attention, please call us on 5356 6230 or press the after hours buzzer at the front door of reception.

I’m being disturbed by other guests in the park, what should I do?

  • RESPECT is the key in the park and in life. If you have an issue with noisy guests and/or disturbing behaviour, please make reception aware immediately. Drunkenness, loud parties and offensive behaviour to other guests or Lake Fyans staff or management will not be tolerated.
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times. 10.30pm is our cut off time for noise. There is always someone on duty, so if reception is closed please press the buzzer at the front door or call us on (03) 5356 6230.

I’ve lost something do you have a Lost Property Box?

  • We hold lost property for a short period of time, if possible we will attempt to find it’s home, however if it is doesn’t answer or has no name then the local opp shops thank you for your donation. If items however are left in cabins a quick phone call will be made to arrange to send it back to you. If the item appears to be of no value, a lost sock left in the playground for 24 hours, then it might be disposed of.

Do you allow day visitors to the Park?

  • Everyone loves to have family and friends pop over to see them or pay a surprise visit, yes we welcome you to have visitors to the park however it’s a business we run and your visitors will need to pay a small day pass fee, these means they can use the toilet, even the BBq’s in the park, play a round of tennis, go for a swim in the lake (not the swimming pool though as this is strictly for park guests only) and use the rubbish bins. All of this for only a small charge. All day visitors need to leave before 10pm.

Is there native wildlife at Lake Fyans Holiday Park?

  • Yes, there are kangaroos, echidnas, emus and lots of native birds that visit the park. However, they are all wild animals, we ask that you do not feed the native animals as their dietary needs are very different to ours and we do not encourage them to become tame in any way.