Campfire Safety

Campfire Safety Tips for Your Holiday Accommodation in the Grampians

An open campfire is part of the fun of camping, but it can also be dangerous if it is not built, used, and extinguished properly. To avoid causing a bushfire or injury, there are some important safety tips to keep in mind. To begin with, make sure that you take a portable AM/FM radio along with you and listen for any information regarding nearby fires. Also, stay alert while camping or hiking for any signs of smoke or fire. When it’s time to build your campfire at your Grampians accommodation, heed the following safety procedures.

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Before Building Your Fire

Please make sure you have a copy of our camp fires rules and if you are on a powered site please register your fireplace with us before you use it for the first time.

Always check local weather conditions before building your campfire and avoid lighting a fire on dry, windy days. When the Fire Danger Rating (FDR) is “very high” or higher, do not light or maintain a campfire. Also, do not light a fire during a Total Fire Ban (TFB). Keep in mind that during a TFB, it is illegal to do anything that may start a fire, including cooking on an open fire.

Building Your Fire Safely

Only have your fire alight between the hours of 7am unto 11pm, campfires are only allowed on sites not at cabins or ensuite sites. If bringing your own fireplace they must be at least 400mm above the ground, with all ashes contained and must not burn the grass.

Firewood must be no longer than 400mm and must be cut before it is brought into the park, no splitting or chopping of wood in the park, no chainsaws or axes. We don’t allow storing or unloading of more than 50 kg of wood on your site. If you bring in more please leave that stored in your car/ute/trailer.

An area of 3 metres all around and above the fire is completely clear of flammable material. Please consider the proximity of the FIRE to your vehicle, tents, campervan, and LP Gas Cylinders.  Your fire should not be within 3m of any log, stump or store of firewood).  FIREPLACES must be at the FRONT of the SITE (ABLE TO BE EXTINGUISHED from THE ROAD IN AN EMERGENCY.)

Maintaining Your Fire

While using your fire, keep it just big enough for cooking or keeping warm. Never leave it unattended – even for a minute, a responsible ADULT must be in attendance at all times. Extinguish your fire at night with water; children often sustain burns from hot ashes in the morning. Be sure always to supervise children and pets around a fire. Use only dead wood branches; using branches and leaves from living trees can damage the environment and cause excessive smoke. Finally, always keep a 10 litre bucket of water handy next to your fire at all times.

Extinguishing Your Fire

Use water to put your fire out, not soil. Your fire can still smoulder under soil and may stay hot for eight hours or longer. This presents a danger to anyone who walks into the area after you are gone. (Fire hose reels and hydrants are not an alternative to a bucket, use of these will activate the alarm system).

Disposal of ashes

An ash bin is located near our compound area for disposal of your cold ashes, do not dispose of ashes around trees, on the foreshore or anywhere else around the park. Ask staff for directions.

Basic Safety

For any campfire, avoid burning dangerous items such as aerosol cans that might explode. Do not put glass in your fire, as it can melt and shatter or explode, possibly hitting bystanders. Do not cook unopened tins of food over a fire, as these can also explode and cause injuries. If you see or suspect a problem with a fire, call Triple Zero (000).

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